Patience is a virtue.

All good things come to he who waits.

A dog and his stick.

A dog and his stick.

Following the “quest for the stick” (see Pooch Walk Calgary NW Facebook) Mr D B Mann personified (or should that be doggified) the old adage that if you want something in particular you just need to bide your time.

Snow in the mountains….it must be Fall.

A cornucopia of weather...rain, snow, sun, thunder, lightning....a typical day in Calgary.

Snow in the mountains….a typical Fall day in Calgary.

Autumnal Calgary…where you can experience a true and varied cornucopia of weather on a daily basis. Truly stimulating for the senses and a fantastic place to walk a pooch.

Never mention the weather on Friday the 13th…….!!!!

Last week…Friday the 13th to be exact… I posted a picture of Wyatt enjoying the Calgary sunshine and commented something along the lines of “long may it continue”….

Roll forward to today. A whole seven degrees and rain all day. Soggy dogs, soggy me, happy grass but not too much else to enjoy.

Guess who isn’t going to comment on the weather on the next Friday 13th.

Wet Wyatt

People are paid to predict the weather….you’re not one of them….

Then again, at least Wyatt got to rock his raincoat and I learned that my boots are indeed waterproof…so not all bad then.

Should dogs eat grass…..the debate continues…..or does it?

Whilst walking with Wyatt today, with the sun on our backs and a nice breeze blowing across the park my thoughts turned to the ongoing debate…should dogs eat grass?

Organic Wyatt

Well….I’m not too sure about the taste and it will never beat a juicy marrowbone…..#just saying

Wyatt, in his usual candid manner, left me in no doubt as to his opinion!!

A Canine Dentist perhaps…..

I wonder if I could be a dentist?

Open wide……

Angus has already waxed lyrical about his employment prospects.

After much soul-searching he decided that he would not be able to cut it (if that is the right term to use 😉 ) as a drug-detection dog….something about not being able to keep his hands off of the merchandise or seeing his prospects go up in smoke….

Anyhow, as he has decided to change direction and subsequently has not been able to find gainful employment as a professional squirrel-chaser he is looking further afield. A noble idea.

However, somehow I think he has confused ideas about the basics of canine dentistry….