Should dogs wear parkas…?

Don’t worry…it’s not the age old debate regarding the anthropomorphization of dogs…just a simple question. Indeed, George would like it to be known that taking a pee break in -35C temperatures (with the windchill) is just that little bit more bearable when he does…! So there…we’ve been told…!

Should dogs eat grass…the debate continues….

Previously the Pooch Walk has debated the relative merits of dogs eating grass. A definitive position was not reached…rather it was suggested that this is a personal decision which may be taken for a number of reasons. Regardless the subject is not without stigma. Whilst photographic evidence emerged of herbal consumption on the Pooch Walk … More Should dogs eat grass…the debate continues….

Calgary Weather

Regular visitors will know how we like to advise what is happening, weather-wise, whenever we can. Today (Friday), the Pooch Walk boys and girls can officially report that, on the whole it was nice, with beautiful sunshine and blue skies at times, coupled with a wicked, biting wind that grabbed you when you least expected … More Calgary Weather