The green, green grass of home……

Mya the Shepherd Cross in the grass

“Need I say any more….?”

Mya would like it to be known that at the end of the day, when the chips are down and when all things are said and done you can’t beat a nice patch of shaded, fresh, cool green grass on a hot afternoon.

On the whole I am inclined to agree with her.

Stop Press….dry Charlie Brown sighting….no snow, mud or water in immediate vicinity

"'s me without any snow (except on the mountains in the distance, of course....!)....

“Yup….it’s me without any snow (except on the mountains in the distance, of course….!)….

Even though Charlie Brown had to make do with a roll in the grass today…he still looked pretty happy on the Pooch Walk…

George goes all Godzilla….a matter of perspective?

George is a bit of an adventure film fan. He intimated that he is really looking forward to the summer “blockbusters”.  However, he wanted to know how something that is small in real life can look big on the silver screen. I told him that whilst it can be CGI or special effects sometimes it is all a matter of perspective and perception.

I'm bigger than a tree....who knew

I’m bigger than a tree….who knew…?

“Perspective and perception….what’s that?” asked an inquisitive George.

I showed him this picture.

“Hey…who cares about perspective and perception….I’m bigger than a tree…! Who knew…?”

Yes you are George…well at least one “tree” anyway!