P is for…………Pooch!!

Pooch the Basset Hound


There are pooches.

There are walks.

There are pooches that walk.

Then there are the perceptive pooches that walk on the Pooch Walk…popularly known as Pooch Walkers.

And now there is Pooch.

Pooch is a pretty pooch who likes to walk with her peers.

Pooch has joined the Pooch Walk.

Pooch has become a Pooch Walker.

Pleased to meet you Pooch Walker Pooch.


The sun(flower)’s got it’s hat on….hip, hip, hip hooray….

"Cor blimey Levi...it's hot 'innit...!"

“Cor blimey Levi…it’s hot ‘innit…!”

Summer has popped back for a visit. This is what 25C looks like.

Levi and Banyan drank to (and because of ) that today…

Feelgood Factor

Just as the Thursday Poochwalkers were returning to the Poochmobile, following a successful romp on a typical Alberta summer morning (enjoying the snow/slush/puddles/mud/fallen tree branches and even some grass) I was approached by a lady who had been looking my way for a while;

“What a lovely pack…!” she said.

Wanting to be sure I asked her to repeat what she had said;

“What a really lovely pack…”

“Thank You…” I said, blushing somewhat.

Continuing to walk I was feeling rather chuffed…and even more so when the penny dropped that she was referring to the dogs…..!

Kudos Pooch Walk Pooches….keep doing what you do…