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Kevin - Pooch Walker
Kevin – Pooch Walker

I may be preaching to the converted; nevertheless, I must state that, in my experience, owning a dog can be very rewarding… for many reasons.

Notwithstanding the fact that looking after dogs properly can be quite demanding in terms of commitment, a little directed effort will be repaid in spades with unreserved and unconditional love freely offered over many years; not to mention numerous other benefits in terms of health, personal wellbeing and the distinct feel good factor that owning a dog can bring.

So, when you make the decision to become a dog owner (or possibly more correctly to let a dog “share” your life) you want to do a good job…right… both for you and yours and especially for your canine chum. However, sometimes life gets in the way or you feel that your dog would benefit from a routine that you cannot readily maintain on your own, for whatever reason. That’s where I can help.

I am a long-term dog lover who has owned (or probably more correctly been owned) by a number of canines of different varieties over the last 30 years (English Springer Spaniel, Lurcher, West Highland Terrier, Golden Retriever and now Angus…A German Shepherd/Fox Terrier cross with a few other bits) and Dexter…a Puggle (with some Bulldog) and a lot of attitude!; all with very different personalities.

When I had the opportunity to offer my experience and enthusiasm to both help lighten the load on owners and enrich the lives of their canine chums I did not have to think twice. Voila….Pooch Walk Calgary NW was born.

At Pooch Walk Calgary NW I am committed to consistent, quality service for both clients and dogs alike. I guarantee that all animals in my care are treated as I treat my own; with patience, affection, respect and a recognition that they are individuals. I have a real connection with dogs. I enjoy being in their company and I pride myself in establishing and maintaining positive and productive relationships with them (and their owners too, of course! :-)). To this end I always undertake a thorough consultation with owners with a view to ascertaining their dogs’ personality;  likes and dislikes; behaviour traits and any areas of concern or issues that may affect their dog whilst they are with me or in general. In short, I offer a professional yet personal dog walking service to discerning clients in Calgary.

As an added comfort I am insured and bonded (PROfur), Police checked and Pet First Aid trained by Walks ‘n’ Wags.

Kevin Winter
I am also pretty “Winter-proof”