A new Pooch Walker on the scene…

An afternoon stroll with Levi…

Seann visited the pooches a couple of times this week whilst the summer break was winding down.

In addition to enjoying some crew time he also got personal pooch time with some of the PM pooches.

Levi enjoyed his private time and has already asked when Seann will be coming back….

A new Pooch Walker is born…

Join the Pooch Walk….you know it makes sense!

How do you like your Coco(a)…?

There were 3 Cocos on the ‘Walk today…or more correctly a Cocoa and 2 Cocos…so, you can imagine how much fun it was when I called for one of them to come to me…!

So….how do you prefer your cocoa…

Strong and full-bodied…

Light and frothy, or

Smooth and milky…

You pays your money and you takes your choice!

Join the Pooch Walk…you know it makes sense…!

Friday fun….

The Friday morning crew thought that they would make the most of the slightly lower temperatures and relatively smoke-free conditions. In short they fancied a blow out; stretching their legs, clearing out the cobwebs and having a fun time.

Here’s just a taste of the jolly jaunts and joyful japes that all Poochwalkers enjoy as part of an exciting ‘Walk… on a Friday or any other day of the week.

Happy pooches, happy life!!

And remember, as we always say ” a tired dog is a happy dog…!!”

Join the Pooch Walk….you know it makes sense…!!!

Loch Ness Poochsters…

Some of the visitors to our local park were concerned about the movement in the water…

This concern lasted all of a millisecond….until they noticed that it was Kira and Coco, stretching out in the cool water and practising their dog paddle…

Hot day,

Cool water,

Treats and refreshments to follow,

What more could a dog want…?

Join the Pooch Walk….you know it makes sense….!!



Suits you Sir….!

Reggie met Angus for the first time today. Everything was very polite.

When we returned from our walk Reggie was bursting to ask Angus a question.


The big question…and Molly can’t quite contain herself….

“Hey Angus….I know that we’ve only just met but I feel like I’ve seen you before….I’m just not sure why…”

Then it dawned on him.


He shoots…he scores…

“Did you get your coat from the same shop that I got mine…?”

Angus perused his young companion for a moment…

“Quite possibly” he replied…

“Although obviously mine was in medium/large…”.

Very observant Reggie.