PWCNW – Recertified in Walks n Wags Pet First Aid

Walks n wags

I am pleased to advise that I was recently recertified in Walks n Wags Pet First Aid.

It doesn’t make me Dr Pol or the Bondi Vet…but it does mean that I have a good idea of what to do before taking your pooch to see one of them!

If you have an interest in a Pets First Aid course and/or would like to see more I would suggest that you check out Ellis Van Schuur’s Paws First Aid website and have a look at her Paws First Aid Facebook page. You can have some fun whilst learning…and you never know when your new skills will come in useful.


Should dogs wear parkas…?

Don’t worry…it’s not the age old debate regarding the anthropomorphization of dogs…just a simple question.

You're darn tootin'...!

You’re darn tootin’ we should……!

Indeed, George would like it to be known that taking a pee break in -35C temperatures (with the windchill) is just that little bit more bearable when he does…! So there…we’ve been told…!

Me…a white van man…whouda thunk it?

I have already mentioned in despatches that I never thought I would have owned a .com…and now I do.

When I lived in the UK there was always the dubious “legend” of the white van man (WVM)…someone who drove out of the darkness and invigorated (for the want of a more appropriate word) the pulse of the daily commute. Their contribution to daily life was not always viewed in a very positive way (just ask fellow commuters and road users who have had to share traffic networks with WVM’s on a deadline!). indeed, I’ve had a few near misses with WVM.

And now, a couple of years later and 4400 miles in a westerly direction (depending upon your starting point :-)) I have moved out of the SUV and joined the ranks of the Canadian WVM.

The difference here is that the Poochmobile will always be seen in a positive light by everyone involved with the Pooch Walk…a sign of fun, frolics and professional care with a smile.  As a minimum that will always be the aim.

The Poochmobile

The Poochmobile…all that a white van should be.

The Poochmobile 2

The Poochmobile…the message on the door says it all….

But still, me, a white van man…whouda thunk it?

Join the Pooch Walk…You know it makes sense.

Calgary Off-Leash Dog Parks

Calgary Off-Leash Dog Parks

Running's the only way to travel...

Running free…it’s the only way to travel…

A quick and useful guide to off-leash dog parks in Calgary, courtesy of the City of Calgary website.

Have a look (click on the title). Do you use any of them? Any good tips that you might want to share?

Hooray for Dragonflies

Hooray for Dragonflies – Edmonton Journal

Dragonfly Picture courtesy of the Edmonton Journal

Picture courtesy of the Edmonton Journal

As I walk with the boys from the Pooch Walk I am immensely grateful for the comforting presence of what now seems to be thousands of dragonflies, all different colours and sizes, that accompany us on our journey. Indeed, in some places the skyline is so rich with winged, fairy-like bodies that I feel as if we could be on the set of a Labrynth-esque movie.

Notwithstanding the undoubted beauty of the aerial spectacle that is regularly unfolding before us I can’t help but remember our pre-dragonfly roles earlier in the year as moving pin cushions. Now the mozzies know what it’s like.

Thanks Mother Nature…ain’t karma a bi#ch.