How do you like your Coco(a)…?

There were 3 Cocos on the ‘Walk today…or more correctly a Cocoa and 2 Cocos…so, you can imagine how much fun it was when I called for one of them to come to me…!

So….how do you prefer your cocoa…

Strong and full-bodied…

Light and frothy, or

Smooth and milky…

You pays your money and you takes your choice!

Join the Pooch Walk…you know it makes sense…!

New Bestest Buds….

New Bestest Buds

Levi met Mary for the first time today,

Levi likes Mary,

Mary likes Levi,

She is now his new bestest (and biggest and most bootiful…) bud,

(together with his other bootiful buds Kira, Tina and Coco),

Bet when he woke up this morning he didn’t think that would happen….!

As we always say, anything can happen on the ‘Walk,

Join the Pooch Walk…you know it makes sense…!

Friday fun….

The Friday morning crew thought that they would make the most of the slightly lower temperatures and relatively smoke-free conditions. In short they fancied a blow out; stretching their legs, clearing out the cobwebs and having a fun time.

Here’s just a taste of the jolly jaunts and joyful japes that all Poochwalkers enjoy as part of an exciting ‘Walk… on a Friday or any other day of the week.

Happy pooches, happy life!!

And remember, as we always say ” a tired dog is a happy dog…!!”

Join the Pooch Walk….you know it makes sense…!!!

Abominable snow…dog?

Ziva Snow

A mysterious creature was sighted in a local park Tuesday.

Could it be the elusive Abominable Snowman…?

Closer inspection confirmed that, in fact, it was another relatively rare sight,

A black Golden Doodle,

or as she prefers to be known,

Ziva the Abominable Snowdog…!

Sometimes you’ve just got to……pirouette. …

Most pooches tend to enjoy treats.

There are times when they are given a treat…no questions asked.

There are also times when they have to work for what they get.

Bree enjoys the first option but always follows the second…just to be on the safe side.

Sound strategy Bree!