P is for…………Pooch!!

Pooch the Basset Hound


There are pooches.

There are walks.

There are pooches that walk.

Then there are the perceptive pooches that walk on the Pooch Walk…popularly known as Pooch Walkers.

And now there is Pooch.

Pooch is a pretty pooch who likes to walk with her peers.

Pooch has joined the Pooch Walk.

Pooch has become a Pooch Walker.

Pleased to meet you Pooch Walker Pooch.


That’s about the size of it…

Here on the Pooch Walk we are the embodiment of all creatures great and small…well the great and small part at least.

We cater for the big chaps…

Nearly 300 pounds of well-behaved canines

Nearly 300 pounds of well-behaved canines…

We also do bijou….

Seven pounds of fun and frolics...under Banyan's careful gaze...

Levi…seven pounds of fun and frolics (under Banyan’s watchful gaze….)

And, of course, all sizes in-between (see our gallery)….

Join the Pooch Walk…you know it makes sense.

First Post

Welcome to Pooch Walk Calgary NW’s new website. I never thought that I would have a dot com, but here it is…poochwalkcalgarynw.com. Bookmark the address on your browser for easy access.

Hopefully this will be the first of many postings on and around the Pooch Walk, together with some observations thrown in for good measure.

The site is under construction as such, so please return regularly as the content develops. Please feel free to post too, commenting on postings, sharing information or highlighting areas of interest …you never know…we could start one of those online community things…!

Toodles for now