Harvey the Hound

It is with great sadness that I have to advise of Harvey’s recent passing following a long, ongoing and brave battle with health issues.

Harvey was always a much valued Pooch Walker. He joined the crew in the early days of the Pooch Walk and was very much an ever present. Harvey graciously allowed (put up with!) other Pooch Walkers to walk with him and Chloe the Beagle X (his comrade in arms) from time to time, never being anything less than steadfast, friendly and accommodating!

I have known Harvey for over four years. We met one evening when our paths crossed at the local dog park. We hit it off immediately. Harvey always displayed his normal bonhomie upon my arrival to walk him and I always ensured that I was never without a tasty treat (or two), with freeze dried liver being a particular favorite. I liked to believe that Harvey held me in a certain regard, as I did him… and I am sure that we had a connection. Indeed it was comforting to know that our relationship didn’t change exponentially in direct relation to the quality of the treat that I was packing!

Harvey’s specific age was undetermined (he was a rescue pup). He was likely somewhere between 12 & 14 years old when we met. A more exact number was difficult to ascertain as Harvey was a perennial pup, never behaving like an older pooch! He was most definitely young at heart and this was clearly evident by the joyous gusto he injected into everything he did!

Water…don’t mind if I do…

Harvey was always a very chilled pooch…nothing ever seemed to phase him. This was exemplified by his attitude the weather; “if I can move and roll around it’s not too cold!” “If I can grab a bit of shade to even my tan it’s not too hot!” “Thunder… no problem…” “Lightning…” that’s pretty!”. He never made a fuss about the elements! To his credit he never really made a fuss about much, even when things must have been increasingly difficult for him.

Beautiful open spaces all around…yet still I feel like I’m being watched…!

Harvey’s people are hurting and sorely miss their friend of many years. Life feels very different without their faithful companion (and Chloe’s BFF). Whilst it is cold comfort now time will help the healing; then a myriad of happy memories of a big, loveable,loyal hound will be sure to lift flagging spirits when feelings are low.

I miss Harvey and will cherish my time with him.

A lovely boy and a good friend.

And today’s lesson is….


The power of the Pad


All eyes were on the screen…

Lacey was concentrating really hard whilst she was being taught how to use the computer tablet.

Was she trying to keep abreast of world news and affairs…?

Were there problems with the weather…?

Moving closer everything became clear.

“So….if I press that button and touch that icon… are you SURE that I will be able to watch Paw Patrol…?”

At least she has her priorities right…

A new Pooch Walker on the scene…

An afternoon stroll with Levi…

Seann visited the pooches a couple of times this week whilst the summer break was winding down.

In addition to enjoying some crew time he also got personal pooch time with some of the PM pooches.

Levi enjoyed his private time and has already asked when Seann will be coming back….

A new Pooch Walker is born…

Join the Pooch Walk….you know it makes sense!

How do you like your Coco(a)…?

There were 3 Cocos on the ‘Walk today…or more correctly a Cocoa and 2 Cocos…so, you can imagine how much fun it was when I called for one of them to come to me…!

So….how do you prefer your cocoa…

Strong and full-bodied…

Light and frothy, or

Smooth and milky…

You pays your money and you takes your choice!

Join the Pooch Walk…you know it makes sense…!

New Bestest Buds….

New Bestest Buds

Levi met Mary for the first time today,

Levi likes Mary,

Mary likes Levi,

She is now his new bestest (and biggest and most bootiful…) bud,

(together with his other bootiful buds Kira, Tina and Coco),

Bet when he woke up this morning he didn’t think that would happen….!

As we always say, anything can happen on the ‘Walk,

Join the Pooch Walk…you know it makes sense…!