Pet Sitting/In-House Pet Sitting

You are probably aware…

Some pets do better when they are looked after in their own homes….familiarity and routine are important to them.

You may not be aware….

A number of insurance companies will withhold cover if you go away without arranging for someone to watch your property.


Simple solution for the above…

In addition to dog-walking services Pooch Walk Calgary NW is happy to offer Pet Sitting and In-House Sitting.

The same level of professionalism and care that pooches enjoy daily on the Pooch Walk can also be enjoyed in the comfort of  your own home.

What these sitting services cover…

  • Ensuring that your pet(s) receive copious amounts of care (and fuss).
  • Exercising your pet.
  • Feeding familiar food in a comforting environment.
  • Providing fresh water.
  • Administering medication (in/on food as directed by you/your vet)
  • Giving your house a lived-in look; alternating lights/blinds and taking in mail/newspapers.
  • Checking heat/water/security.
  • Taking out garbage.
  • Watering indoor plants.
  • Providing daily updates by journal/e-mail/text (as preferred) so that you are kept aware of how your pet(s) are doing whilst you are away.

What this costs…


$25 (+ GST) for one visit (30 mins).

$45 – 50 (+ GST) for 2 visits per day (30 mins each).

More than 2 visits per day may be possible (dependent upon location). Please ask.

Pet sitting may be offered in the proprietor’s home…please  ask re: availibility and $$

Overnight In-House (live-in); arriving between 7-9 pm; departing between 6-8 am. Local walks, plenty of fuss and happy, relaxed, comfortable pets.

$$ -Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Please note

For both Pet Sitting and In-House Pet Sitting please advise if you have more than two pets as discounts are available.

Sitting at Holiday times incurs a 20% surcharge. Please contact me for details.

Longer walks may also be scheduled during the day at an additional cost (subject to availability). Please ask if this service is required.

Additional travel costs may feature, dependent upon location. Please include your post code (format: TXX 0XX) when you use the “Contact Me” link so that coverage can be ascertained. Thanks.

For your comfort and peace of mind…

I am insured (PROfur), police-checked and have Pet First Aid training (Walks ‘n’ Wags).

Which means…

All in all you can take a break safe in the knowledge that your pet is happy and your property is being watched whilst you are away.

Your next step…

Please Contact Me via this website, via Facebook, by e-mail or by phone so that we can discuss your requirements. Ensure that you allow sufficient notice in order that a timely meet and greet can be arranged.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kevin - Pooch Walker
Kevin – Pooch Walker
Walks n wags

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