A new Pooch Walker on the scene…

An afternoon stroll with Levi…

Seann visited the pooches a couple of times this week whilst the summer break was winding down.

In addition to enjoying some crew time he also got personal pooch time with some of the PM pooches.

Levi enjoyed his private time and has already asked when Seann will be coming back….

A new Pooch Walker is born…

Join the Pooch Walk….you know it makes sense!

New Bestest Buds….

New Bestest Buds

Levi met Mary for the first time today,

Levi likes Mary,

Mary likes Levi,

She is now his new bestest (and biggest and most bootiful…) bud,

(together with his other bootiful buds Kira, Tina and Coco),

Bet when he woke up this morning he didn’t think that would happen….!

As we always say, anything can happen on the ‘Walk,

Join the Pooch Walk…you know it makes sense…!

Happiness is a dog called Charlie…

I don’t know if it was the sun, the copious amounts of fresh water, the hand-selected and strategically distributed freeze-dried liver treats, the receipt of  “good boy” compliments  (for actually being a good boy), the satisfaction of yomping up and down two hills, the companionship of other canine buds or the slightly cool breeze through his hair…..whatever it was, Charlie sure was happy to be on the Pooch Walk this afternoon.

Yup...it's just one of those days......

Yup…it’s just one of those days……