Happy Halloween?

Reggie’s glass is always half-full.

He looks for ways to make the most of any situation and to laugh in the face of adversity.

Laydeez and Genteelmen….

I introduce to you…

Here for one week only…

Your very own…

Halloween Daisy!


Happy Halloween Pooch Peeps…!

Out of the mouths of babes…..

Reggie experienced his first snow today.

It was really interesting to see him come upon the realisation that everything outside was covered with cold, wet, sticky stuff that appeared to be falling from the sky.


“It’s called snow Reggie”

After some initial bravado, a bit of an explore (and his normal ablutions) the actual scale of this icy ‘intruder’ began to hit home. It was everywhere and he couldn’t get away from it.


“Are you sure that it’s safe?”

Molly, the seasoned professional, took it all in her stride.

Reggie looked to her for guidance on how he should react and what exactly he should do. He also wanted to know whether the white stuff was going to be around for a while.


“Do we get a lot of this Molly?”

Ever the understanding big-sister, Molly offered no consolation.

“Suck it up Reggie”.

” As they keep saying on the TV, Winter is Coming…!” (I didn’t realize that Molly was a GoT fan…).

“You’ll get used to it….it’s what us Canadians do…”


“Bloody Snow…!”

It’s the first time that I have seen Reggie look anything but enthusiastic.

But, with the wind whistling around my ears and the paths already becoming slippery I did understand exactly how he felt.

Winter is indeed coming….for now…

Keep warm Poochpeeps.

Suits you Sir….!

Reggie met Angus for the first time today. Everything was very polite.

When we returned from our walk Reggie was bursting to ask Angus a question.


The big question…and Molly can’t quite contain herself….

“Hey Angus….I know that we’ve only just met but I feel like I’ve seen you before….I’m just not sure why…”

Then it dawned on him.


He shoots…he scores…

“Did you get your coat from the same shop that I got mine…?”

Angus perused his young companion for a moment…

“Quite possibly” he replied…

“Although obviously mine was in medium/large…”.

Very observant Reggie.


A different approach…


“I saw the earlier posting about the walks….”


“I must say that it looked most impressive….

… working hard, running around, chasing, wrestling…

… walking nicely on leash…”


“It all looks very interesting…and I’m sure it will be very good for me…!”


” but….for now….”


“I think all of the talk about exercise has made me feel tired…..”


“I’ll just have a little nap…..”


“Toodles for now…”