How do you like your Coco(a)…?

There were 3 Cocos on the ‘Walk today…or more correctly a Cocoa and 2 Cocos…so, you can imagine how much fun it was when I called for one of them to come to me…!

So….how do you prefer your cocoa…

Strong and full-bodied…

Light and frothy, or

Smooth and milky…

You pays your money and you takes your choice!

Join the Pooch Walk…you know it makes sense…!

Remembering Charlie V…

Chilled Charlie

Charlie V

It is with great sadness that I advise of Charlie’s recent passing following a long and ongoing battle with health issues.

I think that I can safely say that Charlie was the most enthusiastic dog I have known. Whenever I called to collect him he was ready…regular as clockwork…keeping himself in check as best he could whilst bursting to get out and about. His energy was palpable and his enthusiasm infectious.

Happy Charlie copy

“We’re off for a walk and I CAN”T wait…!”

Balls. There, I’ve said it…Charlie loved balls…Chuckit, Kong, Tennis, Street Hockey, Soccer, Football…if they were vaguely round and could be chased he was there.

Charlie resting

Taking a break…well sort of…

And I do mean “they”. Charlie wasn’t averse to carrying two or three at a time whilst figuring out how he could get hold of a fourth!

I always felt reassured when he was walking with the crew as I knew he would round up any balls that may have slipped through another member’s grip. Indeed, his people told me of many an occasion where he would find balls buried deep in snow, in tall grasses and where you would least expect it in the middle of nowhere.

That Look

“Lost a ball…I’ll get right on it…!”

Charlie was made to run. In the time I knew him he did slow down a little, but he was still an impressive sight when he got going…in sun, rain, sleet or snow. Notwithstanding this effort and endeavour he was always surprisingly gentle in both nature and deed…particularly for such a big, all action boy.

Super Charlie

Charlie V

Charlie’s people sorely miss their friend of many years. Life feels very different without their ever present and faithful companion. Time will help the healing and there is little doubt that memories of a lively big bouncy boy will help to lift spirits  when feelings are low. The crew and I miss Charlie…he enjoyed being one of us, we enjoyed being with him and he has left a big gap.

Thoughtful Charlie

Stop Press….dry Charlie Brown sighting….no snow, mud or water in immediate vicinity

"'s me without any snow (except on the mountains in the distance, of course....!)....

“Yup….it’s me without any snow (except on the mountains in the distance, of course….!)….

Even though Charlie Brown had to make do with a roll in the grass today…he still looked pretty happy on the Pooch Walk…

Rare chocolate beaver spotted on Nose Hill, Calgary…..

Charlie the Beaver

“The name’s B…as in Brown and as in beaver…!”

The fast-melting ice and copious amounts of running ground water today brought Charlie back to Calgary 2013. As such, he wasn’t taking any chances when it came to the possibility of flooding…indeed he was heard to say “if beavers can do it so can I…!”

Very public-minded Charlie…you did the Pooch Walk  proud…!