By day, a member of the Pooch Walk crew….. Bravely facing D B Mann and trying, unsuccessfully this time, to get him to play…! Later, all played out, having a rest with his best mate Dusty.   Being a Paisley can be hard work!

Never underestimate T-POTT….. (the power of the treat)

Bree has a good recall. It can be in her own time if she gets distracted by something (trees, smells, people, other pooches, anything interesting at the time). She’s not alone….sharing her walks with sometimes “selectively deaf” crew mates. I always find it amusing how the rustle of a treat wrapper or the promise of a … More Never underestimate T-POTT….. (the power of the treat)

To look……or?

On a hot, mosquito-filled morning, Kira decided that the crew needed to play a game…. “Follow me” she said… Some of the crew dutifully followed…. ” Now you’re following me the last one to look at the camera is a wuss…!” Kira suggested, looking straight at me. ” Or the first one” I offered… There … More To look……or?