And today’s lesson is….


The power of the Pad


All eyes were on the screen…

Lacey was concentrating really hard whilst she was being taught how to use the computer tablet.

Was she trying to keep abreast of world news and affairs…?

Were there problems with the weather…?

Moving closer everything became clear.

“So….if I press that button and touch that icon… are you SURE that I will be able to watch Paw Patrol…?”

At least she has her priorities right…

It pays to keep your eyes open when walking dogs….

Anyone who walks a dog on a regular basis will know that it pays to keep your eyes open whilst you do so…to avoid pot holes, uneven surfaces, rabbit poop (if you have a poop eater you will know why), dog poop (particularly if you wear deep treaded footwear) and to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the varied wildlife that Canada has to offer.

Sometimes you can also spot the unusual when you least expect it.

I heart Dogwalking

I “heart” walking dogs.

This literally reinforces why I love dog walking.

Join the Pooch Walk…You know it makes sense.


A belated Happy New Month to everyone

Hopefully the Labor Day weekend treated you well and you managed to get some quality time with friends and/or family.

I wonder how much longer I will be seeing mornings like this before I have to start wearing a sweater…?

A belated Happy New Month to all...

The Sun rising…..a belated Happy New Month to all…

No change of attire for a while I hope…!

Calgary Off-Leash Dog Parks

Calgary Off-Leash Dog Parks

Running's the only way to travel...

Running free…it’s the only way to travel…

A quick and useful guide to off-leash dog parks in Calgary, courtesy of the City of Calgary website.

Have a look (click on the title). Do you use any of them? Any good tips that you might want to share?

There’s always a plus side…

I spent the long weekend camping in Kananaskis.

After the carnage waged on the area by Mother Nature recently I was wondering what I would find…particularly as I hadn’t been to the area before.

As I got closer to where I was staying it was obvious that the area had been hit hard. However, it was also obvious that a lot of work had been done to get things back to some semblance of normality. Largely these ongoing efforts have been successful, and save for some rain a good time was had by all.

Indeed, you could say that I was inspired by what I saw…

If you look long enough or work hard enough...

If you look long enough or work hard enough…. can always....

….you can always….

....improve or see the upside in most things....

….improve or see the upside in most things….

Anyhoo…I just thought that I would share….