Feelgood Factor

Just as the Thursday Poochwalkers were returning to the Poochmobile, following a successful romp on a typical Alberta summer morning (enjoying the snow/slush/puddles/mud/fallen tree branches and even some grass) I was approached by a lady who had been looking my way for a while; “What a lovely pack…!” she said. Wanting to be sure I asked … More Feelgood Factor

Fairy Home?

I think that there may be a trend developing. Yesterday when I questioned summer I captured a rainbow…and where there is a rainbow everyone knows that Leprechauns can’t be far away. Today I came upon this beauty. It follows that the fairies must have been close by. I wonder what I will happen upon tomorrow?


The next time that I suggest summer is upon us please remind me to keep it quiet. Bold statements like mine have a habit of coming back to bite one in the @rse!! On a brighter note, if you look closely you can just about see a rainbow…so not all bad then!!!


I have just spent the last few hours outside with my family. Angus has been very much part of it, enjoying the weather, enjoying the fussing and woofing at the coyote cubs in the local cemetery who make it their mission to  “out howl” any fire engine or ambulance that passes by on an emergency … More Summer