Sadly I have to advise of Mya’s recent passing following a brave battle with a very aggressive illness.

Happy Mya

Mya was a long-time Pooch Walker and one of the first to join the ‘Walk’. She was always pleased to see me and it was only a matter of moments before I was being offered her belly for a bit of mutual bonding…indeed regardless of how long it had been since we last met Mya was always happy. The sentiment was infectious.

There were two very distinct sides to Mya…how she was with people and how she was with animals…both pack mates and furry ones of the chasing kind.

Joker Mya

I always found Mya to be a gentle, well-behaved, affable and bouncy girl (with a slightly cheeky, playful nature). In short she was a loveable girl who was liked by everyone that met her. These outstanding qualities were recognized when Mya was chosen to be a PALS dog benefitting many people with her special brand of friendliness. This designation is not offered lightly and the achievement was a credit to her people and a result of Mya being….Mya.

Mya the Fearless Squirrel Hunter

I called Mya a Fearless Squirrel Hunter (FSH). She would think nothing of waiting for hours, super-still and super quiet, ready to pounce when the opportunity presented itself.

Squirrel Hunters in Action

At the dog park Mya was usually joined in this endeavour by Angus, another FSH. I witnessed a number of unsuccessful chases and cut some short when Mya was getting set for the duration. However, I am aware that her people regularly opened the back door of their house only to find a variety of furry “offerings” that Mya had left on the step for them!

Hanging with the crew

Mya always enjoyed hanging with the crew and being in the thick of things…running, chasing and wrestling (when she wasn’t being a FSH, of course!).

Most of all Mya loved being with her people. They are hurting. Hopefully once the shock and pain subsides they will be able to concentrate on many memories of their beautiful girl and the happy times that they all shared.

There is no doubt that Mya is missed…I miss her…her people miss her…the crew miss her. However, we are all lucky and grateful to have been able to share some time and have our lives enriched by this gentle, loving soul.



Oscar: A Tribute

Oscar Snow


Sadly I have to advise of Oscar’s passing earlier this week after a brave battle with a debilitating illness.

Oscar was a valued and very popular associate Poochwalker….and it was a job that he took very seriously. He always ensured that he was present and accounted for when treats were being dispensed, woofed when it was required to do so, joined in with any wrestling that may have been happening and happily shared his toys with whichever member of the crew he met first.

Frozen crew

“Hey…who wants my ball…?”

Indeed happy and Oscar went paw in paw; he was always smiling. In addition to our daily dog park jaunts I met Oscar on a number of trails around the city where he rejoiced in every opportunity to keep his people company. When we met I was always greeted with a friendly knowing smile, followed in quick order by a sniff/woof combination just to check if I was packing treats. Normally he was in luck!

Oscar loved being outside, and particularly cherished being with his people in the snow and colder climes when he got to enjoy the benefit of his luxurious white coat. He also seemed to be mischievously aware that he could easily disappear into a white background by simply turning away or closing his eyes…not that he would disappear for long!

Frozen crew 2

In the thick of it…as usual…!

Oscar loved to play…play with his people, play with the crew and particularly to play with any younger dogs that he may chance upon, establishing quite a following amongst these pooches. Whilst a lot of older dogs seem to feel the need to “school” youngsters Oscar took it upon himself to nurture them…doing his bit to prepare them for life in the dog park and beyond. He was always gentle and his smile was always that bit larger when he was passing on his own brand of canine wisdom with the next generation.

Oscar’s people are heart broken. In time it is hoped that memories of a happy, smiling, beautiful boy will help to fill the gaping void his passing has left. Myself and the crew miss him…a gentle soul, a good boy and truly one of our own.

Oscar H

Oscar in his element