Wistful but well-behaved wandering woofers wondering where the wanted warmer weather went….

Ruby and Winnie enjoyed their romp at Nose Hill this afternoon.

Whilst it was bright and sunny and at times the wind was slightly kinder than it has been recently, both Ruby and Winnie were wondering (whilst wandering and sometimes woofing) where the warmer and more welcome weather that had been promised for today went. Me too!

"Ruby...Kevin said that it will be nicer by the weekend....what's the weekend...?"

“Ruby…Kevin said that it will be nicer by the weekend….what’s ‘the weekend’…?”

Calgary Weather

Regular visitors will know how we like to advise what is happening, weather-wise, whenever we can.

Today (Friday), the Pooch Walk boys and girls can officially report that, on the whole it was nice, with beautiful sunshine and blue skies at times, coupled with a wicked, biting wind that grabbed you when you least expected it to…

The highest temperature was a single-digit minus and we were more than grateful for it…!

Welcome to Calgary.

Felix the Snow Poodle

Some dogs just like to go that extra mile…to be helpful and to ensure that nobody is “out of the loop”.

In this spirit Felix would like to inform those who didn’t already know that it snowed a bit today in Calgary.

Thanks Felix…what a thoughtful chap!

Can you tell it's been snowing...?

Can you tell it’s been snowing…?